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Huffington Goes to Hollywood

Arianna Huffington is bringing D.C. to Hollywood. The Huffington Post founder is translating her penchant for pithy headlines into a new television show based on D.C., The Hollywood Reporter writes. How I Met Your Mother executive producer Greg Malins is teaming up with Huffington and Huffington Post founding editor Roy Sekoff to produce a comedy about three freshman members of Congress—two men and one woman—who live together in D.C. According to Malins, who will write and co-executive produce with Sekoff and Huffington, one of the characters comes to Washington to make a difference, one is a veteran politician, and one is a soundbite master. The show will have its basis in reality too—there's no shortage of politicians shacking up together, such as the famed Democratic quartet of Sens. Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Reps. Bill Delahunt and George Miller, who have shared a two-bedroom townhouse for years.