Huckabee Says 2012 Run Unlikely

Appearing on CBS's Face the Nation, Mike Huckabee said that he is "less likely than more likely" to take a stab at the 2012 presidential election. Though polls have him as the frontrunner among Iowa Republican voters, Huckabee expressed concern about the financial burden of running for the post. The former governor of Arkansas is enjoying his stint as a host on Fox News, and, in addition to waiting until next year to feel out the political climate, wants to see what his future at the network could be. Huckabee said that his decision to run would depend on whether he felt Republicans were uniting behind him, and he also expressed concern about the Obama factor. "[A]nyone who thinks Barack Obama is an easy markoff, just remember Bill Clinton was just labeled politically dead and came back to win a resounding reelection in 1996."