Huckabee Co-Author Allegedly a Molester

A co-author on two of Mike Huckabee’s books was accused of child molestation in two legal cases. In 2012, a police investigation in Nashville found that allegations of sexual battery against John Perry “were sustained”—but the statute of limitations in that case had expired. Police said the writer molested a young Nashville woman when she was between the ages of 11 and 14, though she didn’t report the abuse until age 18. In a second case, a parishioner from Perry’s old church accused the institution of covering up the child-abuse allegations. Perry was excommunicated after he “confessed to committing heinous and repetitive sin […] and has not shown evidence of repentance,” according to the Nashville church’s documents. In addition to working on two of Huckabee’s memoirs, Perry co-authored a number of other Christian-themed books. Spokespeople for Huckabee and Perry did not return requests for comment. Covenant Presbyterian Church said they can’t comment on ongoing litigation.