How Obama Handles Hillary

Watching Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in action, it's easy to forget that just two years ago she was engaged in a no-holds barred brawl with President Obama in the Democratic primary. Now the former senator has been an enthusiastic supporter of Obama's agenda, according to the New York Times. Her dedication was so strong last month she met with Obama for 45 minutes to work out a planned trip to the Persian Gulf immediately after hearing word that her husband was in the hospital with chest pains. “No one had any idea” that Clinton had a personal crisis going on back home, a White House official said. Obama reportedly has warmed to Hillary, at one point offering the White House for her daughter's upcoming wedding (she politely declined). Still, their working relationship remains less than clear—the Times notes she's been more apt to enforce Obama's policies than craft them. “We’ve developed, I think, a very good rapport, really positive back and forth about everything you can imagine,” Clinton told the Times.