How Couric Hung On

Reports of Katie Couric's impending resignation were greatly exaggerated. Despite some of the lowest ratings in the newscast's history, Couric will stay on at CBS until her contract expires in 2011, in large part due to what her executive producer calls "superb work" during the election, which included an in-depth interview with veep contender Sarah Palin. The show Couric anchors nightly, however, isn’t the one she had hoped to do: “I came over to do a different kind of newscast,” Couric tells The New York Times. Moving forward, Couric will be playing to her strengths with a new web show featuring interviews with media figures such as Glenn Beck in addition to the nightly newscast, which will continue to feature some of her franchises, including the financial investigation series "Follow the Money." Couric also wants to add happier stories to the newscast because "the news can be so depressing now."