Hospital Allegedly Froze Grandma

According to her family, 80-year-old grandmother Maria de Jesus Arroyo was still alive when the White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles put her in a body bag and then into a freezer, where she froze to death trying to escape. The case, which was previously thrown out on statute-of-limitations grounds, was revived by a California appeals court on Wednesday. Arroyo was declared dead in 2010 after a cardiac arrest and was placed in a body bag face-up in the hospital's freezer. But when she got to the mortuary days later, the bag was face-down, half-way unzipped, and her face had a broken nose, bumps, and bruises. At first the family thought it was because the body was mishandled, but according to their pathologist, “I do not believe these wounds could occur post-mortem. There is only one apparent explanation: Mrs. Arroyo was alive when she was placed into a refrigerated unit."