Splitting Up

Hopper Seeks Divorce from Deathbed

So much for a peaceful ending: A terminally ill Dennis Hopper, 73, is trying to divorce his 41-year-old wife, Victoria Duffy, before he dies. According to the New York Post, Hopper is angry that his wife is trying to bleed him of every last dime. "Dennis told me, 'I've worked so hard to give Victoria everything she wanted, but it only fueled her appetite for more and more luxury,' " a source says. In a statement, Hopper, who is suffering from prostate cancer, said, “I wish Victoria the best, but [I] only want to spend these difficult days surrounded by my children and close friends.” Duffy is apparently furious about being left only 25 cents on the dollar—the same amount spelled out in their prenuptial agreement. She and Hopper have been married for 13 years.