Hopper Gets Star on Walk of Fame

No ride is easy for Dennis Hopper anymore. The 73-year-old actor and director, who is reportedly battling terminal prostate cancer, appeared at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre Friday for the dedication of his star on the Walk of Fame—even though his lawyer has claimed the actor is too ill to participate in a deposition in his divorce case. The actor is now said to weigh about 100 pounds and be too ill to carry on conversations; his star is the 2,403rd along Hollywood Boulevard. Hopper and his wife of 14 years, Victoria, have been locked in an ugly divorce since January, agreeing to keep 10 feet away from each other as long as the proceedings are ongoing. Victoria, his fifth wife, believes that Hopper filed for divorce to cheat her out of an inheritance. Hopper shot to fame with his counter-culture classic Easy Rider in 1969 and has been nominated for two Academy Awards.