Good Call

Holocaust Videogame Canceled

Sonderkommando Revolt, an upcoming videogame that casts the player in the role of an Auschwitz prisoner rebelling against the Nazis, has been canceled. The game was made by an Israeli programmer, who said the negative reaction to the project—including the obligatory denunciation by the Anti-Defamation League—“just killed me emotionally … I didn’t do this for money and exposure, and I have no internal emotional powers to deal with the press.” He explained, “No one took this mod as exact historic representation. That’s not the way people relate to Wolf3D mods at all, and the Wolf3D engine is too limited anyway to make an exact representation of anything. Even if it could, it wouldn’t be interesting and challenging to play. It did make them open the books and read and learn about the REAL Holocaust, something some of them didn’t even know about before. The ADL can find something else to be worried about, rather than some simplistic pixelated Wolf3D mod with no anti-Jewish agenda, element or intention in it.”