Holmes Took Pre-Massacre Selfies

On Wendesday, accused Aurora shooter James Holmes turned his infamous wide-eyed look into smiles and smirks. Families of victims said Holmes visibly lit up and was "absolutely smirking" when prosecuters showed photos he had taken of himself right before the massacre, which killed 12 and wounded dozens in July. The pictures were found on his iPhone and show him with dyed orange hair peeking out under a black skull cap and black contacts covering his eyes, in some he is posing with his guns. "I watched him smile every time a weapon was discussed, every time they talked about his apartment and how he had it set up (with booby traps), and he could have gave a darn about the people, to be quite frank. But he's not crazy one bit. He's very, very cold. He's very, very calculated," Tom Teves, father of one of the victims, said.