Show and Tell

Hillary Talks Regret and Loving Bill

A fun byproduct of secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s “soft power” tour of the world: In new international media interviews, she’s discussing her emotional life with new candor. On Turkish chat show Hadi Gel Bizimle (“Come and Join Us,” Turkish TV’s answer to The View) female interviewers quizzed Clinton on the demands of public service, her life as first lady, and when she “last” fell in love: “It was so long ago, with my husband,” Clinton said and described meeting Bill in law school. When a host delicately asked Clinton how she deals with “bitter personal experiences,” Clinton’s responded, “Oh, love! And forgiveness, and friendship, and family.… I don’t know anybody whose life is smooth sailing.” Clinton also noted that “you can’t have everything.” Among the sacrifices she makes for her life in the public eye: Anonymous afternoons at coffee shops, “people watching,” and shopping, though Hillary joked that the “fashion gene” skipped a generation in her. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, has “fabulous” taste and “is doing a wonderful job” balancing FLOTUS duties with motherhood. Though Clinton said the benefits of public service are worth it, “I sacrificed a lot of my privacy, which I regret.”