Hillary Says Bernie Can’t Keep Promises

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton squared off on health care in Thursday’s debate in Milwaukee, with the Vermont senator arguing for a massive overhaul while the former secretary of state stressed a more pragmatic approach. Clinton criticized Sanders’ single-payer, Medicare-for-all plan, accusing him of making promises “that cannot be kept.” She argued the proposal would dismantle the Affordable Care Act. “Based on every analysis I can find by people who are sympathetic to the goal, the numbers don’t add up,” she said. Sanders fired back that he would not “dismantle anything,” adding “health care is a right of all people.” Clinton also rebuffed Sanders’ claims that she’s in Wall Street’s pocket, noting her super PAC received $15 million in donations from the finance industry. She responded that President Obama had also taken donations from Wall Street, but stood up to them when it mattered.