Hillary Faces Money Probe

Hillary hasn’t even been offered the job, nor accepted it, and Republicans are already planning to upset her appointment as Secretary of State. They are drawing up a list of awkward questions at her congressional confirmation hearings about Bill Clinton’s finances, his links to foreign contributors, including those from Gulf states, and consultancy work that involved him meeting Arab businessmen. “Republican strategists are dusting off plans to expose Mr. Clinton's financial ties, which they will argue represent a serious conflict of interest for his wife as the country's top diplomat,” suggests Philip Sherwell in the Telegraph. One Republican strategists is quoted anonymously: “How can Hillary represent our interests when Bill is said to have close financial ties with some oil sheikhs?” Seems the GOP strategists are getting a little ahead of themselves. The report also notes that Obama has chosen Greg Craig, a Washington lawyer who represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment, as White House chief counsel, quoting Democratic officials.