Hillary Clinton: Trump’s Border Policy Is ‘Truly Unimaginably Cruel’

In an interview published Friday in The Guardian, Hillary Clinton condemned President Trump’s family-separation border policy as “truly unimaginably cruel” and said the effort to reunite families is “keeping me up at night.” While she argues that Trump is likely using the policy to make a border wall appear more “palatable,” the former secretary of state called it unconscionable. “I mean, you just … who thinks like that? Who does these things? How can anybody look in the mirror? How can they actually live with themselves?” she told The Guardian. “If you heard about it in some third-world banana republic, you’d say: ‘That’s horrible! Stop it! Who would do that?’ Now it’s happening in our country, and it’s just so distressing. I think a lot of us keep waiting for the bottom—and it just seems to be bottomless.” When asked about U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s reported plans to cancel Trump’s visit until he rolls back the policy, the Guardian reports Clinton agreed “until the children are reunited,” before noting that she did not wish to tell the U.K. government what to do.