Style Ambassador

Hillary Clinton Makes Foreign Policy Look Good

Michelle Obama and Fashion Week-regular White House Press Secretary Desiree Rogers aren't the only ones in Washington with notable style. Believe it or not, Hillary Clinton (loyal fan of the monochromatic pantsuit) has been upping the fashion ante all week. The Secretary of State was photographed descending from a plane in Tokyo on Monday, sporting a deceivingly stylish overcoat that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow subsequently described as: "Keanu Reeves in The Matrix meets kimono, meets international super-sophisticate." The black overcoat in question, though demure on the outside, was lined in vibrant floral silk that, when the wind blew, sparkled in the sun just like Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat. "We have seen the new foreign policy,” Maddow added, “and it is bad ass."