Holding Pattern

Hillary Clinton Lands in Haiti

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Port-au-Prince Saturday afternoon, making her one of the lucky few who have been able to land in the ravaged city’s tiny airport. The U.S. Army has taken control of the airport, but it can only handle 90 flights a day, meaning some planes carrying relief workers have been turned back. A plane carrying a French field hospital had to be turned away, as were planes carrying Caribbean prime ministers. All the while, aircrafts continued to circle overhead, hoping to be cleared to land. And the crisis is only intensifying. A massive bulldozer quickly filled up with bodies; disposing of corpses has become crucial to preventing an epidemic, and mass graves will be necessary. Haitians are putting toothpaste under their noses and begging passers-by for surgical masks to deal with the smell. A water delivery truck was attacked in a slum, and men were seen hacking water pipes from buildings to get the last drops of moisture inside.