Hillary Clinton Chats With Libyan Rebels

Following her tribute speech at the annual Women in the World Summit in New York City, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jetted to Paris to discuss the crisis in Libya with European and other world leaders. Her trip will include a meeting with Libyan rebels, who have pleaded for military intervention via a no-fly zone to keep Muammar Gaddafi's forces from forming airstrikes that have caused the opposition to retreat from areas where it had previously held ground. The U.S. is still wary of the cost and repercussions of imposing a no-fly zone, which could put the U.S. in a precarious position in regards to meddling and foreign policy. Clinton will also meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is pushing the idea of enforcing an interim government in the war-ridden country, and with the foreign minister of Japan in light of the earthquake and tsunami that has ravaged the country.