High-Profile Peeping Tom Nabbed

Perhaps now Erin Andrews can rest easy. A 48-year-old Illinois man named Michael Barrett was arrested Friday night at O’Hare Airport for allegedly stalking and filming nude videos of the 31-year-old ESPN reporter. Barrett is scheduled to appear in federal court Saturday to confront charges of “interstate stalking” and faces up to five years in federal prison, reports USA Today. The charges encompass a far more creepy series of acts, which include allegedly following Andrews to Nashville hotels, rigging the peepholes to her rooms, taking eight shoddy cellphone videos of her naked, posting the videos online, and trying to sell the videos to TMZ, which alerted police. The former University of Florida dance team member, named Playboy’s “Sexiest Sportscaster” of 2008 and 2009, told Oprah Winfrey she was worried that the online footage would damage her career, but successfully returned to the sidelines on September 3.