Heiress May Get 3 Years for Nut Freakout

Korean prosecutors are seeking a three-year prison sentence for the Korean Air Lines heiress who flipped out and forced a taxiing plane to turn back because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag, rather than on a dish. Heather Cho is on trial over charges that she broke aviation laws and conspired to force crew members to lie about the meltdown. She also demanded that head steward Park Chang-jin be removed from the flight. Park said in court Monday that Heather “was like a beast that found its prey gritting its teeth as she became abusive, not listening to what I had to say.” Park said the official forced him to kneel down and poked his palms with a folder. Heather had served as head of in-flight services at Korea Air, but resigned from that post, as well as her position as vice president of the company.