Heath Ledger's Modest Mouse Video

It's the epitome of emo: an anti-whaling music video set to Modest Mouse's "King Rat" and directed by the late Australian actor Heath Ledger. The 6-minute video, which is Ledger's final directorial effort, debuted Wednesday. The Times of London reports that Ledger first approached Modest Mouse to make the video for their song in January 2007. The animated video features a boat full of whales and dolphins hunting for humans on the high seas. The crew, led by a cigar-chomping blue whale, skins men, processes their meat, and feeds them to seal pups. Before his death 18 months ago, Ledger was surfer and anti-whaling activist. According to Ledger's co-director and illustrator, Daniel Auber, the video was "fully conceived down to the last detail" by Ledger, and was finished in his honor by a team from The Masses, a collective of actors and musicians that Ledger belonged to.