Custard Queen

Hathaway Receives Hasty Pudding Award

It may have snowed on Anne Hathaway’s parade, but that didn’t stop Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals from honoring her as their 2010 Woman of the Year. A group of cross-dressing students led the actress through Boston on a bright red Bentley on Friday. As the flurries fell on the fair-skinned honoree, she waved down Massachusetts Avenue until the procession reached New College Theatre, where the organization roasted her and deemed her “the second most famous Anne in the history of keeping a diary.” After enduring and playing into the Pudding’s taunts (even breaking into song), Hathaway finally received the coveted golden Pudding Pot. “My rump is swollen with pride,” she joked in her acceptance speech. The good sport then attended a preview of the Pudding’s 2010 production Commie Dearest.