Harvey Weinstein Tells Female Lawyers Repping Him at Discount Will Be Good for Their Careers: Report

Ahead of his June trial on rape charges, Harvey Weinstein has been reportedly trying to hire hotshot female lawyers—but at a discount, telling them it will be good for their careers. “Harvey does not want to pay premium fees,” a source tells the New York Post’s Richard Johnson. “His arguments to women lawyers are like the ones he used on young actresses who felt underpaid: It will be good for your career to be on my team for the notoriety and fame.” Weinstein is seeking female lawyers to “soften his image” Johnson reports, adding that Pamela Mackey (who successfully defended Kobe Bryant against a rape accusation) has dropped out of Weinstein’s “dream team” after a disagreement over her fee. His first lawyer, Ben Brafman, quit last month. “People around Harvey are saying he’s desperately trying to hire a ‘skirt’—their term—for the team as he feels it will soften his image,” one insider says. A Weinstein spokesman said three female lawyers are already representing the disgraced film producer.