Foot in Mouth

Harvard Law's Racist Emailer

They’re not as enlightened at Harvard Law School as you might expect: Third-year Harvard Law student Stephanie Grace finds herself at the center of a storm after she sent a mass email about “the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent.” That email began to circulate the Internet and ended up on Above the Law. When reached by phone for comment by Gawker, Grace giggled, “That’s not me,” and hung up. She’s set to clerk for Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski—the same judge who had to recently recuse himself from an obscenity case when “cow porn” pictures were discovered on his computer. Also, she apparently worked at Princeton as an undergraduate for a professor who studied race and the achievement gap and did not believe an intelligence gap existed. For a good takedown of the myth about a correlation between race and I.Q., read Malcolm Gladwell’s article on the subject in The New Yorker.