Harry Potter Train Line Appears

Time to board the Hogwarts Express—at least from New York City. At Union Square subway station, a new symbol appeared over the weekend: one for Platform 9¾, the same platform that saw Harry and his friends off to Hogwarts throughout the series. The sign resembles New York City subway signs, and has inspired many confused commuters to stop and gawk; it appears to be a sticker or decal. "We are not part of any sort of Potter campaign, but I've seen things like that before," said an MTA spokesman. In the series, the platform isn’t visible to Muggles—nonmagic folk—and can only be accessed through a barrier. The series’ seventh installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, is playing at least 16 times a day at the movie theater located only one block away from Union Station subway stop.