Harold Ford Is Back in the Times

Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford is back in The New York Times, but this time avoided mention of pedicures and borough-hopping by helicopter. The conservative Democrat, who is weighing a run for Kirsten Gillibrand’s New York Senate seat, wrote a four-step plan for how his party can win back voters. First, cut taxes for businesses to create more jobs, he suggests, and then pass a more focused health-care reform bill that incorporates more input from states. Third, he says to reform immigration policy, and finally, address the deficit now instead of putting it on the back-burner until the economy looks up. "A Democratic Party refocused on revitalizing our economy, protecting the United States from terrorism and re-establishing itself as the party for the middle class is what Americans are demanding," writes Ford. "If we do this, victory at the polling booths will take care of itself."