Hanoi Chef Launches ‘Tongue-and-Cheek’ ‘Durty Donald’ Burger for President’s North Korea Summit

A Hanoi chef is now offering two “tongue-and-cheek” burgers that mark President Trump and Jong Un’s summit in Vietnam: the “Durty Donald” and “Kim Jong Yum,” Reuters reported Sunday. Durty Bird chef Collin Kelly, who’s from Ireland, said Trump’s eponymous sandwich is “so extravagant,” boasting double the beef and double the bacon, as well as pieces of yellow chicken floss. “To match some of the controversy that surrounds him, we’ve put Russian dressing on it. So a bit tongue and cheek, but I think he’d see the funny side,” Kelly reportedly said. Meanwhile, the North Korean leader’s burger is made from wild boar, pork belly and fried kimchi, and slathered in kimchi mayo, per Reuters. Kelly told the newswire that the burgers have spurred surprising interest, claiming that two North Korean journalists stopped by to seek his “opinion on the burgers and the summit.”