Halle Berry and Paul Rudd Guest Star on The Simpsons

Although The Simpsons is entering its 22nd season, the animated series is welcoming some new voices to Springfield with guest stints from actors Halle Berry and Paul Rudd, Entertainment Weekly reported Friday. In an early 2011 episode, the Oscar-winning actress will present a statuette at the Academy Awards where Bart and Homer are nominated for an animated short based on the younger Simpson’s webseries, Angry Dad. “It’s a bit of a satire of the different Oscar acceptances where two people clearly race to the stage to get there first,” the show’s executive producer tells EW.com. In another upcoming episode, Rudd lends his voice to Dr. Zander, a therapist who runs a “fathering enrichment class” that Homer is ordered to attend. “For 20 years we’ve shown Homer strangling Bart and we’ve never had anybody go, ‘Oh, that’s horrible!’” the exec says. “So Paul Rudd goes, ‘That’s terrible!’ and he tries to cure him.” The episode will also feature NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who “puts on a Homer wig and then starts strangling Homer to show him how it feels.”