Great White Way

Half of Broadway Goes Dark

“For those who love the theater, this month will be a bonanza of emotional farewells and festive goodbyes in front of adoring audiences,” reports The New York Times. More than a dozen Broadway plays and musicals—almost half of the current lineup—will close by the end of January, among them Hairspray, Young Frankenstein, and Boeing-Boeing. The poor economy and the strong dollar, which is deterring foreign tourists, are taking their toll on the Great White Way. “The sad superabundance of farewells to choose from obviously places limits on the number of last goodbyes theater lovers will be able to squeeze in this month,” writes Charles Isherwood. “On Sunday alone you’ve got nine choices. It is haunting to think that that there could be more shows closing on that day alone than there will be running on Broadway by the time the Tonys roll around in June.”