Haitian Candidates Call for Election Delay

With cholera wreaking havoc in Haiti, four presidential candidates have asked for the Nov. 28 election to be postponed. "We urge authorities to postpone the date of the elections, and to establish and publish a plan to battle the cholera epidemic that threatens the lives of all Haitians," they said in a joint statement. None of those candidates, however, are frontrunners, and the more prominent candidates are arguing the elections should be held as scheduled. And authorities have indicated that they do not plan to move them. The death toll from the cholera epidemic, meanwhile, has hit 1,200 and United Nations officials have spoken out against the international response. They were hoping to collect some $164 million for the effort, but say that they have not even received 10 percent. Cholera, UN officials said, is not a complicated disease to cure, as long as doctors have access to the right supplies.