It’s Not Over

Gulf Fishermen Find Miles of Missed Oil

You missed a spot—a big spot. Boating captains in the Gulf of Mexico have spotted massive oil slicks still remaining after this summer’s BP oil spill. Reports document that some of the spills are almost 400 feet wide and at least one mile long. The captains, who stated that they “have been reporting large areas of surface oil in the delta for more than a week,” said there was no response yet on the part of BP or the Coast Guard. This week the waters in the West Bay have calmed down enough so that the weathered orange-colored oil is very visible. Wildlife officials are nervous that the oil will not be removed quickly enough to beat the fall bird migration and prime fishing season. The oil-affected waters are also part of a major shipping throughway and highlight concerns from skeptics who said the clean up reports were vague and overreaching.