Guantanamo Might Not Close by January

The White House acknowledged on Friday that the infamous prison at Guantanamo Bay may not shut down in January as President Obama promised, sources tell the Associated Press. Backlogs in reviewing detainee files and resolving legal and logistical problems in relocating the prisoners have made it unlikely the prison can shut down on schedule. The prison, which is a target of anti-U.S. criticism around the world, holds 225 detainees. Obama officials began reviewing files of each detainee to determine who can be tried and whether to do so in military or civilian courts. They have also tried to determine which prisoners can be released to other nations, and which should be held indefinitely due to the danger they pose. Information on the prisoners was scattered througout multiple agencies, slowing down the process, officials complained. Top Republicans and some Democrats in Congress have demanded the prison stay open for now for safety reasons, and have refused Obama the funds to close it.