Gruesome Details Emerge in Yale Murder

It wasn't enough that Annie Le was strangled to death in her Yale lab. The New York Post reports that accused murderer Ray Clark allegedly broke Le's bones in order to squish the body through a wall opening the size of a computer screen, into a utility space inside a bathroom wall. According to an unnamed source, Le's body was "like mush" when it was found wedged between pipes in the utility space. Clark's allegedly hasty clean-up of the murder scene led him to accidentally set off a fire alarm, and the two rookie cops who talked to him afterward thought he was acting suspicious. Clark was later seen trying to hide equipment that turned out to contain blood spatters. The motivation for Clark's alleged murder may be his "control freak" tendencies toward the lab, according to the source, and the fact that he "had issues" with how Le kept her lab and mice. "She wasn't clean and it made him mad," the source said.