Graydon Carter in Bermuda as Staff Cut

While as many as 20 people were laid off at Vanity Fair this week, following Condé Nast’s order to cut costs at the magazine by 27 percent, Editor in Chief Graydon Carter was soaking up some sun in Bermuda, The New York Post reports. "I think it is extraordinary that he let this happen," said a Condé Nast insider. "It says he is not a leader. That he is not in the trenches, that he is profoundly out of touch." Carter reportedly avoided firing employees that directly cater to him before jetting off to Bermuda, though one of the Post's sources excused his absence, saying he had no control over who was laid off. Condé Nast has ordered multiple staff cuts over the past three weeks in addition to shutting the doors of four magazines. S.I. Newhouse met with Carter and Vogue editrix Anna Wintour together (a rare occurrence) last week to discuss the cuts.