Grandson of U.S. Rep. Davis Killed in Chicago

The 15-year-old grandson of Illinois Rep. Danny Davis was shot in the head Friday night in a home invasion on Chicago’s South Side. His grandson, Jovan Wilson, was at his home in Engelwood with other family members when two teenagers broke in and began arguing with him, police said. At some point during the dispute, one of the assailants – a 15-year-old boy -- pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. The other assailant was a 17-year-old girl. As of Saturday, the two assailants were still at large. Police say the attack was not random and that Wilson knew the two assailants, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Davis said he was shocked by the incident and described his grandson as a completely normal teenage boy. “Unfortunately, here he was in the house at home, minding his own business, and some intruders would come and snuff his life away,” the congressman said at a news conference. “I guess that I always knew that the possibility existed that it could happen close to me,” Davis said, vowing to continue his fight against gun violence in Chicago. Davis, representing the 7th Congressional District of Illinois since 1996, has campaigned to prevent gun violence throughout his career. “Unfortunately, this is just another example of a 15-year-old with a gun,” he said of the shooter. The killing of his grandson was “a manifestation of the tremendous urban crisis that we are facing in Chicago,” he said.