Governments Blast WikiLeaks

As the U.S. government conducts a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks, officials from around the world are condemning the website after it released over 250,000 secret cables. Iran is blaming the U.S. for the leaks, convinced that there is a connection between WikiLeaks and the government. In Tehran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told reporters, “We think it was organized to be released on a regular basis and they are pursuing political goals.” Meanwhile, American allies are also blasting the recent leak, citing insults about world leaders. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was described as “thin-skinned and authoritarian,” but the country stated that they will stand by the U.S. to counter any more leaks. Iraq's foreign minister called the release "damaging" and the timing "terrible." Italy was the only country to have a good laugh. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi apparently chuckled as he read that he was a vain party animal from the leaked documents.