Government Scientist Arrested for Spying

Was there an MIT-educated mole in the Department of Defense? Stewart David Nozette, a DoD scientist from Chevy Chase, Maryland, was arrested Monday on charges of transmitting classified information to an undercover FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer. Prosecutors say that, after meeting with the undercover agent, Nozette agreed to provide information and access to U.S. security information in exchange for cash payments “under ten thousand” to avoid tax issues. Nozette’s position as a government scientist granted him top-security clearance to atomic and nuclear-related material. When agents requested confidential information from Nozette about U.S. satellites and defense strategy, they say he delivered top-secret, classified papers. Since 1989, Nozette has worked in varying capacities for the Energy Department, NASA, and the National Space Council, among other government science agencies.