Gov. Ralph Northam: Blackface Scandal Helped Me Learn What White Privilege Is

Gov. Ralph Northam—who has refused to resign after admitting that he wore blackface when he was younger—has said the scandal has helped him learn what white privilege is. Northam has denied being in the racist photograph in his 1984 medical-school yearbook that kicked off the scandal, but he has admitted to wearing blackface on a separate occasion that year while dressing up as Michael Jackson. Speaking on CBS This Morning on Monday, the embattled governor was asked what he’s learned and replied: “Well, several things, starting with I was born in white privilege and that has implications to it. It is much different the way a white person such as myself is treated in this country versus...” Interviewer Gayle King interrupted to ask if he didn’t know he was born into white privilege before, and he replied: “I knew I was, Miss King, but I didn’t realize really the powerful implications of that. And again talking to a lot of friends that has come crystal clear to me this week. I have also learned why the use of blackface is so offensive and yes I knew it in the past.”