Gordon Gekko Is Back

Greed is back: this week, Oliver Stone will begin filming a sequel of his 1987 film Wall Street. Wall Street 2 will be set against the contemporary backdrop of the fall of Bear Stearns, and several scenes take place in the Federal Reserve building – instead of the trading floor, as they did in the original. And, good news for fans of the 1987 film: Michael Douglas will reprise his role at Gordon Gekko in the new movie. In the first scene of the sequel, Gekko gets out of jail, and, according to Stone, is “looking for that second chance.” To prepare for the role, Stone took Douglas to a Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side to meet Samuel D. Waksal, who spent five years in prison for securities fraud at ImClone Systems. “That was for Michael to meet a guy who had been in jail,” Stone said. Says Stone of the new film: “We wouldn’t have done this movie in 2006. Things were too loose. I didn’t want to glorify pigs.”