Gordon Brown's Libya Hypocrisy 

It seems British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has some explaining to do: Documents released Tuesday show that, early this year, British Foreign Office Minister Bill Rammell told Libya that neither Brown nor Foreign Secretary David Miliband wanted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi "to pass away in prison," The Guardian reports. Brown, meanwhile, has only criticized the joyful scenes of al-Megrahi arriving at Tripoli airport, commenting that he was "repulsed" and "angry" at the terrorist's welcome. The documents also reveal that Libya reportedly warned Rammell of "catastrophic" consequences if the terrorist, who's battling cancer, was left to die. The new details seem to confirm suspicions that Brown hasn't commented on the terrorist's release because he agrees with the Scottish government's decision. Conservative Party leader David Cameron has called for an independent inquiry into the release, following these revelations.