Foot in Mouth

Gordon Brown's Gaffe May Decide Election

Gordon Brown may be the U.K.'s extreme answer to Joe Biden. Just one day before the final televised prime minister debate, and while stumping for his campaign, Brown was caught calling a voter “bigoted.” Cabinet members fear that the prime minister's off-camera comment about voter Gillian Duffy may cost the Labour Party big time. Brown, who had spoken with Duffy during a public appearance on a range of issues, including education and immigration, hadn't realized his microphone was still on upon entering his car, and called her "a bigoted woman." The comment has sent shockwaves through the nation and the international media. Though Brown has admitted his mortification and has apologized profusely, even making a trip to Duffy’s house to apologize in person, his aides fear that millions of Labour voters who hold views similar to Duffy's will take offense. “To sustain its share of the vote and maximize the number of MPs it returns, Labour needs the votes of millions of traditional supporters like Mrs. Duffy," said a former Downing Street adviser under Tony Blair.