Gordon Brown Cries in TV Interview

The famously reserved British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was brought to tears during a television interview taping this weekend in front of a studio audience as he discussed the death of his daughter and possible premature death of his son. Brown’s wife, Sarah, who was also present for the Piers Morgan interview, sobbed as her husband spoke of their infant daughter Jennifer, who died in 2002 from a brain hemorrhage, and son Fraser, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, reports The Daily Mail. The 2.5-hour exchange will air next Sunday. The Prime Minister said he was the first to realize his 10-day old daughter would not survive. “He described how he held her tiny little hand until the very end,” an audience member recalled. During the frank dialogue, Brown also discussed his tumultuous relationship with Tony Blair, reportedly saying he had “explosive” arguments with the former U.K. Prime Minister, but denied hitting any of his aides despite admittedly losing his temper at times.