GOP Town Hall Derailed by Calls to Execute Obama

It’s hard to tell what’s more disturbing about this video of an Oklahoma Republican town hall meeting: the woman who interrupts Rep. Jim Bridenstine to suggest that President Obama isn’t really president as far as she’s concerned and “should be executed as an enemy combatant,” or the people who laugh in response. The woman railroads the meeting, ranting about “the Muslims he is shipping into our country,” and lobbing other indecipherable accusations at the president. “This guy is a criminal, nobody’s stopping him,” she says. “And with Congress doing nothing, that legally allows this moron to make decisions!” Bridenstine manages to reclaim the floor, but doesn’t exactly change the subject saying, “everybody knows the lawlessness of this president.” After the video of the town hall circulated the Internet, Bridenstine issued a statement in response. “A public figure cannot control what people say in open meetings,” his statement read. “I obviously did not condone and do not approve of grossly inappropriate language. It is outrageous that irresponsible parties would attribute another person’s reckless remarks to me.”