GOP to Reveal 'Pledge to America'

The Republican Party is set to unveil a new Contract with America, this time dubbed "Pledge to America," an attempt to offset perceptions that it's the party of no as the midterms draw closer. The Pledge will articulate a series of sweeping policy proposals and specific bills pertaining to jobs, government reform, spending, national security, and health care. It will, one House member said, "show what Republicans are for." According to one GOP House member, the Pledge is “an important milestone showing our people we have learned our lesson and we are ready to govern.” ABC's The Note pieced together the various objectives in the Pledge, which are none too surprising. The Pledge's initiatives include repealing and replacing health-care reform, permanently extending the Bush-era tax cuts, ending the TARP program, and ending the stimulus program. The party also wants to keep Guantanamo Bay open, place a new round of sanctions on Iran, and increase spending on missile defense.