GOP Senator to Hannity’s Wikileaks Praise: ‘Oh My’

Sean Hannity earned himself some mockery this weekend with a tweet praising WikiLeaks. “In 10 yrs WikiLeaks has gotten nothing wrong & no one’s been killed bc of the info released,” Hannity tweeted on Friday, along with a hashtag calling to free Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012. Hannity, who previously said “people may die” because of WikiLeak’s actions and called for Assange to be arrested, prompted confusion and dismay with the tweet. Republican Senator Ben Sasse quickly responded. “Oh my,” he wrote, going on to remind Hannity that WikiLeaks “regularly publishes U.S. natl security secrets for the benefit of Russia.” Assange has taken center stage this week after WikiLeaks began claiming a massive intelligence operation was under way against him because his Internet access was cut. On Tuesday, the group published a photo to Twitter of “heavily armed police” outside the embassy along with reassurances that “Assange is still alive.” The group has blamed the Obama administration for Assange’s loss of the Internet. The group’s claims have triggered frantic calls on Twitter to “#FreeAssange” and “ShowUsJulian.”