GOP Senate Candidate Flip-Flops on Trump

Colorado Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn has reversed his position on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying he will vote for him despite having earlier called for him to step down. In audio of the Colorado Concern forum on Friday released by CNN, Glenn told a crowd that he was stopping short of endorsing Trump but still planned to vote for him. “So where I'm at right now is that I absolutely will be supporting the Republican platform and voting for Mr. Trump," Glenn said. "I will not be personally endorsing Mr. Trump and there is a clear distinction. When I personally endorse you that means I know your heart, I know your character and I can personally attest to that and I can not,” he said. Glenn has said he thinks Trump’s’ apology for his lewd remarks about women is sincere and that Trump “did what he absolutely has to do” to turn his campaign around. Days earlier, however, he had a drastically different stance. On Oct. 8, in the aftermath of the release of the 2005 video, Glenn joined a chorus of other Republicans calling for Trump to drop out of the race.