GOP Rep. Mark Meadows Fined Over $40K for Handling of Sexual-Harassment Complaint

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) was fined over $40,000 by the House’s Committee on Ethics Friday after the panel concluded he “did not do enough to address” sexual-harassment allegations against his former chief of staff, Kenny West. The committee concluded Meadows took “immediate and appropriate steps” by separating West from female staffers and requesting an investigation, but noted that West retained his title and “apparent authority over staff” during this period. “Representative Meadows could have and should have done more to ensure that his congressional office was free from discrimination or the perception of discrimination,” the committee wrote in the report. The committee fined Meadows $40,625.02 “for Mr. West’s salary that was not commensurate with his work.” The Daily Beast previously reported that a former aide told the committee Meadows and other top staff members in his office were aware of West’s behavior before it was publicly reported.