GOP Rep.: Gay Son Didn’t Change My Mind

Guess Rob Portman’s gay-marriage turnaround isn’t the only response a Republican member of Congress with a gay son can have. Arizona Republican Matt J. Salmon said over the weekend that despite having a gay son himself, he is still against same-sex marriage. “I don’t support the gay marriage,” Salmon said in an interview with Fox affiliate 3TV. But Salmon said he supports his son, and he doesn’t believe homosexuality is a choice. Salmon’s son, Matt Salmon, made an “It Gets Better” video in 2011, in which he discussed his experience dealing with his family’s reaction to his homosexuality, as well as gay “conversion” therapy. The elder Salmon’s wife, Nancy Salmon, led the Arizona chapter of United Families International during its ultimately unsuccessful bid in 2006 to rewrite the state’s constitution to ban gay marriage.