GOP Leader Takes on Limbaugh

Is a Republican leader actually standing up to Rush Limbaugh or is another apology inevitable? Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), the only Jewish Republican member of Congress, went after the conservative radio giant in an interview with Bloomberg News for comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, who Limbaugh said in a recent broadcast "also ruled by dictate." Said Cantor: "Do I condone the mention of Hitler in any discussion about politics? No, I don't, because obviously that is something that conjures up images that frankly are not, I think, very helpful." A spokesman for Cantor also decried a poster at an anti-health-care rally attended by Republican leaders in Washington earlier this week, which graphically compared Holocaust victims to Americans under Democrats' health-care plan. Previous Republican leaders who have criticized Limbaugh for going too far, most notably RNC Chairman Michael Steele, have apologized to the radio host within days.