GOP Fired Up Over Appointments

GOP politicos went on the offensive on Sunday's morning talk shows, criticizing President Obama for the 15 appointments he made without the Senate's consent during the body's recess, a move George W. Bush used to confirm 171 appointments during his administration. On CNN's State of the Union, top White House adviser David Axelrod accused Republican Senators of a political sabotage of sorts, noting that voting on 77 high-level appointments had been delayed or blocked by Republican maneuvering. The GOP has “taken a position where they’re going to try and slow and block progress on all fronts, whether it’s legislation and appointments,” he said. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was particularly vocal, criticizing one of Obama's more controversial appointments, that of pro-union Craig Becker, formerly of the AFL-CIO, to the National Labor Relations Board. According to Graham, Obama's decision will alienate moderate Democrats and make it virtually impossible for him to pass immigration legislation.