Google Result for Auschwitz Prisoner Shows Image of SS Officer

The Google search result for the first Polish prisoner of the Auschwitz internment camp, Stanisław Ryniak, shows a picture of SS officer Oskar Gröning instead, according to a Tuesday tweet from the Auschwitz Museum. “Please fix this error,” the museum wrote in a tweet to the tech giant. The tweet sparked quick condemnation from other users. “Big mistake. Fix it,” one user wrote. Ryniak, who was eventually transferred to a camp in what’s now the Czech Republic, was released at the end of the war. At the time, he reportedly only weighed 88 pounds. Gröning, on the other hand, was known as the “bookkeeper of Auschwitz,” and was accused of being an accomplice in the murders of 300,000 people. A Google representative responded to the tweet hours after it was posted, writing that “we’re taking action on this now.”